Scenes from the Workshops

As the first couple of Writing from the Self Workshops wind down at Room to Write, I thought to capture some of the moments that have passed during these transcendent meetings.


As I serve the hot beverages:

Me – I have lemon ginger tea now.

Participant #1 – Oh, I’ll have that. I’ve been craving something ginger all day.

Participant #2 – Jennie, do you have any more of that hot apple cider from last week?

Me – I do!

Several participants (over the course of the weeks) – I feel so taken care of!

During a discussion at the close of one group’s last meeting:

Participant #1 – I find that I go into a sort of trance when I’m here, really easily.

Participant #2 – Yes (nodding). It’s an energetic thing.

Participant #3 – (Also nodding) Yes, this space has an energy to it, very womblike.

Me – I’m really lucky to have found it.

When I hand out the decks of InnerActive Cards:

People are immediately engrossed with them. Everyone sorts through the cards and naturally picks out ones that speak to them. Some giggle when recognizing “parts” of themselves in the cards. I direct people to arrange the cards (on the floor, couch, hassock) in an order that makes sense, like a sort of map, according to how their parts fit together in their inner system. The room is silent as people work.

Then we are all rapt, listening as people describe their parts maps. Often, workshop participants are tickled to see that we have all picked out several of the same cards: instant connection between members. The images from the cards stay on everyone’s minds as we enter the writing session.

After a writing session, when people are introducing a piece they’ve just written (reading aloud is optional):

Participant #1 – “Well, I had no idea I’d be writing about *this* material.”

Participant #2 – “I don’t know where all this stuff came from; it just showed up.”

Participant #3 – “Gosh, it was a little scary to read that aloud, but I feel so much better now.”

After a meditation and writing session about connecting with child parts:

Participant – “I’m learning that I need to spend more time with this little kid part, because that’s where the magic happens.”


Magic, indeed. Thank you to the lovely people who have graced Room to Write with their parts, their wisdom, their sadness, playfulness and wonder. It has been an incredibly rich few weeks!