A Therapeutic Writing Method Using Internal Family Systems: Writing from the Self

I have had a lot of interest in my program, Writing from the Self. People who take the workshop give me great feedback, and new people ask me when I’m offering the next one. This is really exciting for me. The material – which synthesizes Internal Family Systems and a variety of writing methods – represents a huge effort. I think it gets at the heart of what my “real work” is. I have loved being a psychotherapist in many ways, and I’m expecting to do a lot more of my own writing as the years go by. But I have finally figured out how to combine the two – I hope that others continue to find the Writing from the Self method as helpful as I have for myself.

I am looking forward to doing much more with it. I’m beginning work on a book that will outline the information and allow people to do this therapeutic writing practice on their own. After that, there will likely be a webinar. And I will run more workshops at Room to Write, as well as other locations.

In the meantime, I’ve become a videographer! (Not really.) With the help of my talented brother, I realized that a video was the next step needed in order to describe to people what is involved in Writing from the Self.

It is seven and a half minutes long, but in case you have been curious about this program – here you go!