Individual Consultation

For creative/expressive writing consultation, I will:

  • Discuss your past and present projects, and your ideas for the future
  • Provide feedback and suggestions (eg, what material might make a good essay, what genre you might try, etc.)
  • Discuss blocks and emotional triggers, and how to create safety as you write about difficult topics
  • Review current writing practice and how to create the best habits for your needs
  • Share ideas for organizing your work, books you might want to consult, writing prompts, and publication suggestions (if desired)
  • After our meeting (included with cost), I will generate a brief review of our discussion and email it to you. If applicable, I’ll add further suggestions and prompts that were not covered
  • $80/hour (can schedule 45 minutes for $60, 1.5 hours for $120, etc.)
  • Meeting can be done via Skype or locally at Room to Write

Reading your creative work:

  • I am available to read your work and provide 1 – 2 paragraphs of written comments, including the following types of feedback (partial list):
    • Effectiveness of narrative
    • Character development
    • What might be missing
    • What is working well
    • Best ways to begin and end piece
  • For much more detailed comments or line-editing, I can make a referral for you
  • $4/page

Therapeutic Writing Consultation

Although I am a trained psychotherapist, at Room to Write my function is as a writing consultant. This service could be considered an adjunct to traditional psychotherapy, but not a replacement for it. Before we begin working together, care will be taken that you have appropriate supports in place.

I am available to:

  • Explore topics that you want to write about, helping you choose what is most pressing
  • Discuss how to create safety around this writing
  • Read/listen to your writing (either during the meeting, or between sessions*)
  • Review the issues that are coming up in your writing
  • Suggest further writing to address these issues
  • Suggest books or therapeutic or lifestyle approaches that may help
  • Make appropriate referrals (for therapy or other types of support)
  • Engage in ongoing meetings to follow up on results of writing prompts and suggestions
  • $80/hour (can schedule 45 minutes for $60, 1.5 hours for $120, etc.)
  • Meeting can be done via Skype or locally at Room to Write

*Up to three pages – beyond that there is a $4 fee per page

For more information or to request consultation, please use my general contact page to contact me.