Workshops and Groups Offered in the Past

These are some of the workshops I have offered in the past. I'm available to present versions of these, by arrangement. If interested, please drop me a note (on my contact page).

• If You Want to Write

This workshop is designed for people who know they want to write, but are not sure how to start. We will use prompts and inspiration from many sources, and create a safe and encouraging environment to share our efforts. Usually offered as a half-day session, there will also be "summer camp for adults" for one week in summer 2016.

• Writing from the Self

  • Learn to access "Self Energy"
  • Understand your internal chatter as distinct parts of yourself that can be healed
  • Reach new layers of creativity for writing and personal growth

This six-week program is like a combination writing group/personal growth workshop. It is not group therapy, but it will inspire new insights and illuminate areas you might want to explore in therapy. It is also suitable for people of ALL writing abilities! If you like to write, and enjoy using writing to find meaning in your life, then you are perfect for this workshop.

Summer 2016: Writing from the Self workshop will be offered as a weekend retreat at Room to Write, as well as a one-week "summer camp for adults."

• Writing on the Water - Summer 2016
Join Jennie and Captain Kelly Purinton for a special session of Writing from the Self. By taking our pens and paper out to the water, we will have a unique opportunity to access Self Energy. We’ll sail to a nearby island and pick up a mooring in a protected cove to write. All the writing material that you need will be provided. There will be visual materials and prompts to help you connect with deeply buried parts of yourself, and write these parts’ stories. After writing and sharing (optional), we’ll sail our way home again.

• Writing from the Self - for Mental Health Professionals
Internal Family Systems is up and coming in Maine! This Writing from the Self workshop is designed to give mental health practitioners an opportunity to immerse themselves in IFS principles, deepen their understanding of their own parts, and gather ideas that they can bring to their work with clients.

• Writing Through Divorce
When I went through divorce, I felt that there were scant resources nor much support in my area, beyond a lovely therapist and some friends. I wished for a group of some sort. Writing Through Divorce will provide the camaraderie people crave during this difficult time. It will also offer, through writing prompts and activities, ways to process and move through divorce. We will examine the parts of ourselves that may have gotten lost during the marriage, the parts that are grieving/angry/scared, and the parts that are excited about the future.

• Writing Relief for Moms
Being a mom is a singular experience. Or maybe it's better to say it is MANY singular experiences. At every stage our children go through, we bump up against surprises and challenges. While mothering can be the most wonderful journey of our lives, it can also be confounding, lonesome and exhausting. It shifts our sense of who we are in the world in profound ways. In this group, we will support each other as we articulate the ways being a mother has affected us. It is for women at any point in the life-altering process of being a mom, from the sleepy newborn days to the roller coaster ride of adolescence, to the time when our children are suddenly grown up.