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If You Want to Write ~ Adult Summer Camp (June)

  • Brunswick, ME, 04011 United States (map)

Many of us invest time, money and schlepp-value into summer camp – for our kids. What if we did the same for ourselves? With all our regular routines thrown into disarray, summer can be a great time for us to pause and look inward.

This five-session camp is designed for people who want to begin or return to a writing practice, and would like a nudge. The camp will run for five afternoons over the course of one week. This format will help create momentum and focus. You’ll receive tools and generate material and ideas that you can take with you to expand on your own.

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Monday, June 27 – Friday, July 1
Five Afternoons 4 – 6 pm
Brunswick, Maine
Limited to 8 Participants

Initial exercises are designed to help participants dive into writing sessions while bypassing the "Inner Critic." Then, we will use prompts and inspiration from several sources to generate writing in a various forms – depending upon the interests of participants. These can include memoir, essays, fiction, blog posts, and therapeutic pieces. We’ll discuss writing goals people want to set for themselves and create a safe and encouraging environment to share our efforts.

By the end of the week, if you choose to, you will have begun a project (all types and lengths count)!

Here's what people said after previous sessions (half day):

"The workshop opened up so many possibilities for establishing a writing practice."
"I can see and feel the words finding their way to my pen again!"
"Great way to get started and set an intention; great remedy to inertia."

The workshop gets its name from the great 1938 book by Brenda Ueland, entitled If You Want to Write. Ueland was a master at inspiration, as evidenced by some of her chapter titles:

~ Everybody is Talented, Original and Has Something Important to Say;
~ Be Careless, Reckless! Be a Lion, Be a Pirate When you Write;
~ You Do Not Know What is in You – An Inexhaustible Fountain of Ideas.

What to expect at the group:

  • Introductions to classic books on writing
  • A variety of exercises and prompts – aimed at memoir, fiction, blogging, etc.
  • Brief guided meditation to enter writing sessions
  • Quiet background music for mental stimulation (at the discretion of the group)
  • Sharing of participants’ writing (optional)

This workshop is meant to be accessible to writers of all abilities – those who lack great confidence are welcome!

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To register:

1. Please submit a note via the form below, stating that you are registering.

2. Please pay the $100 deposit to hold your space; you may also pay the whole fee up front ($225). Use the PayPal button below the contact form*. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this method (it will draw from a debit or credit card). I will notify you when I receive your payment. Thanks!

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Payment Options

Cost of Camp: $225
Deposit: $100