Therapeutic Writing Prompt for Boosting Self-Compassion

In my workshops, I use therapeutic writing prompts to spark personal growth. Here is one that should help you develop a sense of what you deserve.

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Lacking Self-Compassion? Try This Writing Exercise

Sometimes, no matter how much our goals mean to us, we can't seem to reach them.

We hear people explain this phenomenon by using such phrases as “I’m afraid of success,” or, “I’m afraid of failure,” or, “I’m not cut out for it,” or even, “I must not be smart enough.” I have said all of these things to myself, many times. I have felt that dark void, where no self-compassion can live.

And today I am considering this one: “I don’t deserve to do it.”

Wow, that feels bad. But it also feels true. I have struggled to love myself enough to believe that I deserve to reach my goal. If that idea rings any bells for you, please stay with me.

The following two-part prompt is aimed at this self-limiting belief....


                                                                                                           Writing to Get Over Infatuation


If you are suffering from the more uncomfortable symptoms of infatuation, you know that it’s hard to find relief. You may not be sleeping or eating, and it can interfere with your work and relationships. In this post I have included writing prompts that can help you explore and address what’s really going on.

Writing to Understand and Heal from infatuation

It’s important to know that paying attention to your infatuation – trying to understand it rather than squash in out of existence – is unlikely to cause you to leave your current relationship or run after the object of your affection. Instead, it should give you insight into what’s needed in order for you to feel better in your regular life. And, ultimately, it might lead you to get over your infatuation.

Here are some exercises designed to help you explore and address what might be out of balance right now.